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Formulas, Formatting, Charts, and Web Queries

Essential Questions

  • How are multiple lines of text added to the same cell?
  • How is a formula entered using the keyboard?
  • How is a formula entered using Point mode?
  • What are the arithmetic operators and what is the order of operations when working in Excel?
  • How are functions used in Excel?
  • How is the color of the characters and background of a cell changed?
  • How are numbers formatted using the Format Cells dialog box?

  • How is the width of a column and height of a row changed?
  • How is a 3-D Pie chart created on a separate sheet?
  • What are various ways of formatting chart items?
  • How are worksheets renamed?
  • How can the formulas version of a worksheet be displayed and printed?
  • How can a Web query be used to get real-time data from a Web site?


Review From Project 1
1. Active Cell
2. Block Arrow
3. Block Plus Sign
4. Cell Reference
5. Embedded Chart
6. Fill Handle
7. Select All Button
8. Sum Function
9. Workbook
10. Worksheet
11. X-Axis
12. Y-Axis
Project 2
1. Formula
2. Order of Operations
3. Point Mode
4. Natural Language Formula
5. Functions
6. Arguments
7. Formulas Version
8. Debugging
9. Fit To
10. Web Query


Entering Titles and Constants into a Worksheet
pp. 2.04-2.09
1) Class follows demo of the creation of the Speadsheet for Greenback Stock Club
2) Students enter and format the worksheet title.
3) Students enter column titles and constants using ALT + Enter to add multiple lines to a cell
4) Work on vocabulary definitions as presented in class.
December 2

Entering Formulas Using the Keyboard and Using Point Mode - The Fill Handle
pp. 2.10-2.15

1) Review of math's order of operations and the importance of parenthesis
2) Class follows demo of entering formulas using both the keyboard and the mouse
3) Class follows demo using the fill handle to copy formulas to adjacent cells
December 3-4

Excel Functions and using the AVERAGE, MAX and MIN Functions
pp. 216-225

1) Class follows demo of the various functions available within Excel including Average, Max, and Min
2) Continue with vocabulary
December 5

Applying formats to a Worksheet including Conditional Formating and Printing a Worksheet
pp. 2.26-2.58

1) Class follows demo of applying various formats to the worksheet
2) Print options and proceedue are explored including printing formula versions of a worksheet.
2) Complete vocabulary (print)
3) Students practice constructing and printing a worksheet by completing Lab 1 pp. 2.69-2.70.
December 8-10

Importing External Data from a Web Source Using a Web Query
pp. 2.58-2.62

1) Class follows demo - using a web query using MSN Money Central
2) Complete Lab 2 p. 2.71-2.74
December 11-12

Additional exercises
1) Complete Learn It Online activities for review
2) Complete Practice Test located in the Handout Folder

Tentative Test Date for Project 2 is Monday December 15